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  1. He went on though he was tired.

    He was tired but he went on.

  2. People who eat too much die early.

    Some people eat too much and they die early.

  3. Take this money so that you may pay these bills.

    Take this money so that you may pay these bills.

  4. He is wealthy but he is stingy.

    Though he is wealthy he is stingy.

  5. A stone which rolls gathers no moss.

    A rolling stone gathers no moss.

  6. In spite of his heavy loss he is cheerful.

    Though he has lost heavily he is cheerful.

  7. As he worked for a long time he became tired.

    He worked for a long time and so he became tired.

  8. When he arrived, the people gave him a warm welcome.

    On his arrival people gave him a warm welcome.

  9. In spite of his trying hard he could not win.

    He tried hard but he could not win.

  10. Being young he recovered soon.

    As he was young he recovered soon.

  11. He ran fast but he missed the bus.

    In spite of running fast he missed the bus.

  12. She hopes to win the first prize.

    She hopes that she will win the prize.

  13. In spite of his fame, Suresh is not happy.

    Suresh is famous but he is not happy.

  14. The strong team will win the match.

    The team which is strong will win the match.

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