Simple Sentences used
between Two Friends

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Simple Sentences used between Two Friends :

  1. Which is your native place?

  2. Me? Virudhunagar.

  3. I am from Kanyakumari.

  4. How long since have you come here?

  5. It's 5 years.

  6. Did you get citizenship?

  7. Where do you stay?

  8. Are you a computer engineer?

  9. What is your salary?

  10. 4 lakhs per month.

  11. Do you say it in Indian currency?

  12. How much American dollars?

  13. US $ 4000.

  14. Whatever may be, it is not like India.

  15. I too like India.

  16. What about American climate?

  17. Last month I arrived in America.

  18. I don't like America.

  19. I wish to go back to my native place.

  20. The city is quite clean.

  21. Power authorities are many.

  22. Do you live along with your family?

  23. No, I am not yet married.

  24. Do you stay alone?

  25. No, I stay with four friends.

  26. When we see our citizens, I am happy.

  27. When we see Tamilians, it will give much happiness.

  28. I like your city very much.

  29. It is the birth place of Kamarajar.

  30. Have my visiting card.

  31. My house is in the same street.

  32. You have to come to my house.

  33. Definitely, bye.

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