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Unaccounted For, Unanimous, Unaudited, Unauthorized, Unavailable and Unavoidable

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Unaccounted For : adjective : lost, without any explanation

• Several thousand units are unaccounted for in the stocktaking.

Unanimous : adjective : where everyone votes in the same way

• There was a unanimous vote against the proposal.

• They reached unanimous agreement.

Unanimously : adverb : with everyone agreeing

• The proposals were adopted unanimously.

Unaudited : adjective : an account which has not been audited

• Unaudited accounts

Unauthorized : adjective : not permitted

• Unauthorized access to the company's records

• Unauthorized expenditure

• No unauthorized persons are allowed into the laboratory.

Unavailable : adjective : not available

• The following items on your order are temporarily unavailable.

Unavailability : noun : not being available

NOTE : no plural

Unavoidable : adjective : an incidence which cannot be avoided

• Planes are subject to unavoidable delays.

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