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Unclaimed, Uncollected, Unconditional,

Unconfirmed and Unconstitutional

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Unclaimed : adjective : an object which has not been claimed

• Unclaimed baggage = cases which have been left with someone and have not been claimed by their owners

• Unclaimed property and unclaimed baggage will be sold by auction after six months.

Uncollected : adjective : something which has not been collected

• Uncollected subscriptions

• Uncollected taxes

Unconditional : adjective : with no conditions

• Unconditional acceptance of the offer by the board

• The offer went unconditional last Thursday = the takeover bid was accepted by the majority of the shareholders and therefore the conditions attached to it no longer apply

Unconditionally : adverb : without imposing any conditions

• The offer was accepted unconditionally by the trade union.

Unconfirmed : adjective : which has not been confirmed

• There are unconfirmed reports that our agent has been arrested.

Unconstitutional : adjective : not allowed by the rules of laws of a country or organization

• The chairman ruled that the meeting was unconstitutional.

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