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Uncontrollable, Uncrossed Cheque,

Undated and Under

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Uncontrollable : adjective : which cannot be controlled

• Uncontrollable inflation

Uncrossed Cheque : noun : cheque which can be cashed anywhere

Undated : adjective : with no date written

• He tried to cash an undated cheque.

• Undated bond = bond with no maturity date

Under : preposition :

(a) lower than or less than

• The interest rate is under 10%.

• Under half of the shareholders accepted the offer.

(b) controlled by or according to

• Under the terms of the agreement, the goods should be delivered in October.

• He is acting under rule 23 of the union constitution.

Under : prefix : less important than or lower than

• Undervalued

• Underestimated

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