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Underemployed, Underequipped,

Underestimate and Underlease

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Underemployed : adjective : with not enough work

• The staff is underemployed because of the cutback in production.

• Underemployed capital = capital which is not producing enough interest

Underemployment : noun :

(a) situation where workers in a company do not have enough work to do

(b) situation where there is not enough work for all the workers in a country

NOTE : no plural

Underequipped : adjective : with not enough equipment

Underestimate : noun : estimate which is less than the actual figure

• The figure of £50,000 in turnover was a considerable underestimate.

Underestimate : verb : to think that something is smaller or not as bad as it really is

• They underestimated the effects of the strike on their sales.

• He underestimated the amount of time needed to finish the work.

Underlease : noun : lease from a tenant to another tenant

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