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Undersigned, Underspend, Understaffed,

Understand and Understate

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Undersigned : noun : person who has signed a letter:

• We, the undersigned = we are the people who have signed below

NOTE : can be followed by a plural verb

Underspend : verb : to spend less

• He has underspent his budget = he has spent less than was allowed in the budget.

NOTE : underspending - underspent

Understaffed : adjective : with not enough staff to do the company's work

Understand : verb : to know or to see what something means

NOTE : understanding - understood

Understanding : noun : private agreement

• To come to an understanding about the divisions of the market

• On the understanding that = on condition that or provided that

• We accept the terms of the contract on the understanding that it has to be ratified by our main board.

Understate : verb : to make something seem less than it really is

• The company accounts understate the real profit.

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