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Undertake, Underutilized, Undervalued, Underweight and Underworked

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Undertake : verb : to agree to do something

• To undertake an Investigation of the market

• They have undertaken not to sell into our territory

NOTE : undertaking - undertook - has undertaken

Undertaking : noun :

(a) business - commercial undertaking

(b) (legally binding) promise

• They have given us a written undertaking not to sell their products in competition with ours.

Underutilized : adjective : not used enough

Undervalued : adjective : not valued highly enough

• The properties are undervalued on the balance sheet.

• The dollar is undervalued on the foreign exchanges.

Undervaluation : noun : being valued at a lower worth than should be

Underweight : adjective : below the prescribed weight

• The pack is twenty grams underweight. (The pack weighs twenty grams less than it should.)

Underworked : adjective : not given enough work to do

• The directors think our staffs are overpaid and underworked.

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