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Undischarged Bankrupt : noun : person who has been declared bankrupt and has not been released from that state

Undistributed Profit : noun : profit which has not been distributed as dividends to shareholders

Unearned Income : noun : money received from interest or dividends, but not from salary or profits of one's business

Uneconomic : adjective : a business which does not make a commercial profit

• It is an uneconomic proposition = it will not be commercially profitable

• Uneconomic Rent = rent which is not enough to cover cost

Unemployed : adjective : not employed or without any work

• Unemployed office workers = office workers with no jobs

• The unemployed = the people without any jobs

Unemployment : noun : lack of work

• Mass unemployment = unemployment of large numbers of workers

• Unemployment benefit or US unemployment compensation = payment made to someone who is unemployed

NOTE : no plural

QUOTE : Tax advantage; directed toward small businesses will help create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. (Toronto Star)

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