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Unique and Unit

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Unique : adjective : special or with nothing like it

Unique Selling Proposition = special quality of a product which makes it different from other goods and therefore attractive to customers

Unissued Capital : noun : capital which a company is authorized to issue but has not issued as shares

Unit : noun :

(a) single product for sale

Unit Cost = the cost of one item (total product costs divided by the number of units produced)

Unit Price = the price of one item

(b) separate piece of equipment or furniture

Display Unit = special stand for showing goods for sale

Visua1 Display Unit = screen attached to a computer which shows the information stored in the computer

(c) Factory unit = single building on an industrial estate

(d) Production unit = separate small group of workers which produces a certain product

Research Unit = separate small group of research workers

(e) Monetary unit or unit of currency = main item of currency of a country (a dollar, pound, yen etc.)

Unit of account = currency used for calculating the EEC budget and farm prices

(f) Single share in a unit trust

Unit Trust : noun : organization which takes money from small investors and invests it in stocks and shares for them under a trust deed & the investment being in the form of shares (or units) in the trust

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