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Unobtainable, Unofficial, Unpaid,

Unprofitable and Unquoted Shares

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Unobtainable : adjective : something which cannot he obtained

Unofficial : adjective : not official

Unofficial Strike = strike by local workers which has not been approved by the main union

Unofficially : adverb : not officially

• The tax office told the company unofficially that it would be prosecuted.

Unpaid : adjective : not paid

Unpaid Holiday = holiday where the worker does not receive any pay

Unpaid Invoices = invoices which have not been paid

Unprofitable : adjective : something which is not profitable

OUOTE : The airline has already eliminated a number of unprofitable flights. (Duns Business Month)

Unquoted Shares : plural noun : shares which have no Stock Exchange quotation

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