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Unredeemed Pledge, Unregistered, Unreliable,

Unsealed and Unskilled

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Unredeemed Pledge : noun : pledge which the borrower has not claimed back by paying back his loan

Unregistered : adjective : company which has not been registered

Unreliable : adjective : a person or a service which cannot be relied on

• The postal service is very unreliable.

Unsealed Envelope : noun : envelope where the flap has been pushed into the back of the envelope, not stuck down

Unsecured : adjective : unsafe

Unsecured Creditor = creditor who is owning money, but has no security from the debtor for it

Unsecured Debt = debt which is not guaranteed by assets

Unsecured Loan = loan made with no security

Unseen : adjective : not seen

• To buy something sight unseen = to buy something without having inspected it

Unsettled : adjective : anything which changes often or which is upset

• The market was unsettled by the news of the failure of the takeover bid.

Unskilled : adjective : without any particular skill

• Unskilled labour

• Unskilled workforce

• Unskilled workers

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