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Unsocial, Unsold, Unsolicited,

Unstable, Unsuccessful

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Unsocial : adjective : not in favour of society

• To work unsocial hours = to work at times (i.e. in the evening or at night or during public holidays) when most people are not at work

Unsold : adjective : not sold

• Unsold items will be scrapped.

Unsolicited : adjective : something which has not been asked for

• An unsolicited gift

• Unsolicited testimonial = letter praising someone or a product without the writer having been asked to write it

Unstable : adjective : not stable or changing frequently

• Unstable exchange rates

Unsuccessful : adjective : not successful

• An unsuccessful businessman

• The project was expensive and unsuccessful.

Unsuccessfully : adverb : with no success

• The company unsuccessfully tried to break into the South American market.

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