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Up : adverb & preposition : in a higher position or to a higher position

• The inflation rate is going up steadily.

• Shares were up slightly at the end of the day.

Up To : adverb : as far as or as high as

• We will buy at prices up to £25.

Up To Date : adjective & adverb : current or recent or modern

• An up-to-date computer system

• To bring something up to date = to add the latest information or equipments

• To keep something up to date = to keep adding Information to something so that it always has the latest information in it

• We spend a lot of time keeping our mailing list up to date.

Update : noun : information added to something to make it up to date

Update : verb : to revise something so that it is always up to date

• The figures are updated annually.

Up Front : adverb : in advance

• Money up front = payment in advance

• They are asking for £100.000 up front before they will consider the deal.

• He had to put money up front before he could clinch the deal.

Upgrade : verb : to increase the importance of someone or of a job

• His job has been upgraded to senior manager level.

Upkeep : noun : cost of keeping a building or machine in good order

NOTE : no plural

Uplift : noun : increase

• The contract provides for an annual uplift of charges.

Up Market : adverb : more expensive or appealing to a wealthy section of the population

• The company has decided to move up market = the company has decided to start to produce more luxury items.

Upset Price : noun : lowest price which the buyer will accept at an auction

Upturn : noun : movement towards higher sales or profits

• An upturn in the economy

• An upturn in the market

Upward : adjective : towards a higher position

• An upward movement

Upwards : adverb : towards a higher position

• The market moved upwards after the news of the budget.
NOTE : US English uses upward as both adjective and adverb.

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