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Use : noun : way in which something can be used

• Directions for use = instructions how to run a machine

• To make use of something = to use something

• In use = being worked

• The computer is in use twenty-four hours a day.

• Items for personal use = items which a person will use for himself, not on behalf of the company

• He has the use of a company car.

• He has a company car which he used privately.

• Land zoned for industrial use = land where planning permission has been given to build factories

Use : verb : to take a machine, a company, a process and work with it

• We use airmail for all our overseas correspondence.

• The photocopier is being used all the time.

• They use freelancers for most of their work.

Useful : adjective : something which can help

User : noun : person who uses something

End User : person who actually uses a product

Uers’s Guide or Handbook == book showing someone how to use something

User-Friendly : adjective : a product which a user finds easy to work

• These programs are really user-friendly.



Usual : adjective : normal or ordinary

• Our usual terms are thirty days credit.

• Our usual conditions are thirty days credit.

• The usual practice is to have the contract signed by the MD.

• The usual hours of work are from 9.30 to 5.30.

Usury : noun : lending money at high interest

NOTE : no plural

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