Synonyms & Antonyms : Valid


( Adjective )

This ticket is valid for one single journey between London and Dover.








Contextual Examples:

An agreement usually has clauses binding the parties singing it.

An agreement arrived at between any two or more parties within the framework of law of the country is defensible in a court of law if and when violated by any of the parties.

Trade and Labor unions have become powerful institutions in modern societies.

They are efficacious in bringing about harmony among managements and their workers at different levels.

He produced cogent reasons for the change of policy.









Contextual Examples:

The Supreme Court has the power to declare as invalid any law passed by a legislative body outside the frame work of the Constitution.

The stance taken by the opposition on this controversial issue is unconvincing.

The project seems unsound in its practicability.

Sam made a lame excuse for absenting himself from the class.

It seems illogical to change the time table so often.

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