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Vocabulary of Group Names :

As per the Oxford Dictionary, the term VOCABULARY means
1. The stock of words used by or known to a particular people or group of persons

2. A List or collection of the words or phrases of a language, technical field, etc., usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined

3. The words of a language

We have collected almost all the words related to Group Names and listed them here for your reference. Although the list is exhausting, we have added all that we have and keep on out steps to collect more and more words. We humbly request YOU all to share the collection of words that you may have in your library with us so that we will add those list of words in this page and that will ultimately benefit our visitors like YOU.

Here is The Complete List of Vocabulary of Group Names.

  1. An album of pictures

  2. An archipelago

  3. An armada

  4. An army of soldiers

  5. An array

  6. An assembly of divines

  7. An asylum of lunatics

  8. A Babel of voices

  9. A balustrade of pillars

  10. A band of musicians

  11. A band of robbers

  12. A batch of pupils

  13. A battery of cells

  14. A battery of guns

  15. A bevy of girls

  16. A bevy of ladies

  17. A board of directors

  18. A bouquet of flowers

  19. A brigade of cavalry

  20. A brigade of infantry

  21. A broadside of guns

  22. A brood of chickens

  23. A brotherhood of monks

  24. A budget of letters

  25. A budget of news

  26. A bunch of fruits

  27. A bunch of keys

  28. A bunch of sticks

  29. A bundle of lies

  30. A cannonade of gunfire

  31. A caravan of merchants

  32. A caravan serai

  33. A catch of fish

  34. A cavalry

  35. A century of years

  36. A chain of mountains

  37. A choir of singers

  38. A clump of trees

  39. A cluster of islands

  40. A cluster of stars

  41. A colonnade of trees

  42. A column of pillars

  43. A company of soldiers

  44. A concourse of people

  45. A constellation of stars

  46. A contingent of soldiers

  47. A convoy of ships or troops

  48. A corps of volunteers

  49. A course of lectures

  50. A convoy of birds

  51. A crew of sailors

  52. A crowd of people

  53. A detachment of soldiers

  54. A drove of cattle (driven)

  55. A faggot of sticks

  56. A fanfare of music

  57. A festoon of flowers

  58. A file of papers

  59. A file of troops

  60. A firm of merchants

  61. A fleet of ships

  62. A flight of birds

  63. A flight of steps

  64. A flock (fold) of sheep

  65. A flotilla of ships (boats)

  66. A forest of trees

  67. A galaxy of beauties

  68. A galaxy of stars

  69. A gang of prisoners

  70. A gang of robbers

  71. A gang of workmen

  72. A garland of flowers

  73. A grove of trees

  74. A heap of stones

  75. A herd of cattle

  76. A herd of swine

  77. A hive of bees

  78. A hoard of money

  79. A jumble

  80. A junta

  81. A masquerade of persons

  82. A memoir

  83. A menagerie (gery)

  84. A miscellany

  85. A library of books

  86. A lock of hair

  87. A mob of riotous people

  88. A pack of hounds

  89. A pack of playing cards

  90. A pandemonium

  91. A pantheon of gods

  92. A pencil of rays

  93. A pile of books

  94. A platoon of soldiers

  95. A posse of constables

  96. A rally of scouts

  97. A range of mountains

  98. A salvo of gunshots

  99. A school of whales

  100. A series of events

  101. A shoal of fish

  102. A society of gents

  103. A squadron of ships

  104. A stack of hay

  105. A stack of wood

  106. A stock of goods

  107. A stock of provisions

  108. A stud of horses

  109. A suit of clothes

  110. A suite of clothes

  111. A swarm of ants

  112. A swarm of flies

  113. A swarm of insects

  114. A team of horses

  115. A team of oxen

  116. A team of players

  117. A troop of soldiers

  118. A troop of acrobats (actors)

  119. A tuft of hair

  120. Upholstery

  121. A volley of fire

  122. A volley of question

  123. A wreath of flowers

  124. A zoo

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