Voice Forms of Future Perfect Tense

Voice Forms of Future Perfect Tense :

I shall have seen a bird. - (Active Voice)
A bird will have been seen by me. - (Passive Voice)
What shall have I seen? - (Question Form)

I shall have written a story. - (Active Voice)
A story will have been written by me. - (Passive Voice)
What shall have I written? - (Question Form)

We shall have looked at the notice? - (Active Voice)
The notice will have been looked at by us. - (Passive Voice)
What have we looked at? - (Question Form)

You will have watched television. - (Active Voice)
Television will have been watched by you. - (Passive Voice)
What will have you watched? - (Question Form)

She will have played chess. - (Active Voice)
Chess will have been played by her. - (Passive Voice)
What will have she played? - (Question Form)

They will have drawn a picture. - (Active Voice)
A picture will have been drawn by them. - (Passive Voice)
What will have they drawn? - (Question Form)

He will have read a poem. - (Active Voice)
A poem will have been read by him. - (Passive Voice)
What will have he read? - (Question Form)

We will have started the work. - (Active Voice)
The work will have been started by us. - (Passive Voice)
What will have we started? - (Question Form)

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