Synonyms & Antonyms : Voluntary


( Adjective )

The Voluntary Retirement Scheme introduced by the Government has been immensely welcomed by the servants.











Contextual Examples:

In some cases the judges have to make discretional judgments with a view to interpret the law in the height of each case involved.

I am willing to join the picnic party provided you also join.

In a free country you can take up unconstrained activities without fear of infringement of law.

His response to our activities is purely spontaneous.

We made several phone calls to his number. But we got only an automatic reply.

Participation in this sports event is only optional.

His intentional reply to my letter wounded me deeply.








Contextual Examples:

The membership of the party is enforced on all government servants in communist states.

It is imperative that the government of India took up the enforcement of land reforms more vigorously.

It is obligatory to remove your shoes before entering the mosque.

Education up to the 8th grade has been made compulsory in India.

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