WH Type Question Words

WH Type Question Words :

For what?
By what?
With what?
On what?
From what?
Through what?
What idea?
What plan?
What work?
What rent?
What motto?
What agenda?
What dish?
What help?
What advice?
What friendship?
What behaviour?
What remedy?
What rank?
What return?
What show?
On what days?
At what time?
At what cost?
At what rate?
At what ratio?
For what purpose?
For what reason?
By what means?
By what method?
By what time?
By what proof?
By what plan?
Under what situation?
Up to what age?
Up to what limit?
At whose expense?
At whose advice?
At whose interest?
With whose help?
With whose support?
Under whose direction?
Under whose supervision?
Which God?
Which officer?
Which school?
Which city?
Which country?
Which state?
By which way?
In which year?
In which school?
In which college?
In which bank?
In which month?
In which book?
In which newspaper?
In which direction?
On which day?
On which date?
To which country?
To which place?
Whose friend?
Whose house?
Whose book?
Whose work?
Whose face?
Whose story?
Whose land?
Whose shirt?
Whose poem?
By whom?
To whom?
From whom?
For whom?
On whom?
At whom?
Under whom?
Against whom?
With whom?
Through whom?
Whom else?
From when?
Since when?
When else?
From where?
By which?
To which?
From which?
For which?
On which?
At which?
Under which?
Against which?
With which?
Through which?
In which?
Which else?
How many?
How much?
How old?
How far?
How bitter?
How angry?
How cheap?
How meek?
How noisy?
How pretty?
How tiny?
How uncouth?
How good?
How bad?
How charming?
How ugly?
How hot?
How rapid?
How much amount?
How many rupees?
How many days?
How many times?
How many months?
How many years?
How many centuries?
How many lakhs?
How many crores?
What else?
Who else?
Whom else?
Whose else?
Where else?
When else?
Which else?
How else?
Why not?
What not?
Where not?
Which not?
Who not?
Whose not?
How not?
What then?
Why then?
Where then?
Who then?
Which then?
How then?
What about?
What next?
When next?
Where next?
Which next?
Why next?
Who next?
Whose next?
Whom next?
How next?
What all?
Which all?
Who all?
Whom all?
Whose all?
Where all?
When all?
How all?
Why all?
Whose then?
Whom then?

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