Warm Reply to Letter of Love

This is a Warm Reply to Letter of Love.

38 Hill Station,

27th April 2004.

Dearest Sunil,

I had really got over the excitement of reading your previous letter full of quotations from Shakespeare, when you second letter arrived. Each line is studded with jewels I cherish. Your praise counts far more than anything in the world.

One evening caught me dancing and chanting phrases from your letter. To repeat your very quotation, “Love is blind and the lovers can not see the pretty follies they themselves commit.”

As for my repartee I only am to blame if I sounded a little rude. I inherited this quality from my mother’s brother, my uncle- a professor who goes about admonishing all and sundry in the world as if it were one large classroom.

When I become part of your home and family, I shall play the gentle Portia putting everything right, I assure you.

When you come to my house on Saturday, Sunil do wear that striking three-piece suit you wore at the Reunion. It makes you look like a matinee idol.

My parents would be bowled over like their daughter was.

I will wait for your footsteps with each heart-throb.

With love.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Sonya


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