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Wealth : noun : large quantity of money owned by someone

Wealth Tax = tax on money or property or investments owned by someone

NOTE : no plural

Wealthy : adjective : very rich

Wear and Tear : noun : fair wear and tear = acceptable damage caused by normal use

• Life insurance policy covers most damage but not fair wear and tear to the machine.

NOTE : No plural

Week : noun : period of seven days (from Monday to Sunday)

• To be paid by the week = to be paid a certain amount of money each week

• He earns £500 a week or per week.

• She works thirty-five hours per week.

• She works a thirty-five-hour week.

Weekday : noun : normally working day (not Saturday or Sunday)

Weekly : adjective : done every week

• The weekly rate for the job is £250.

• A weekly magazine or a weekly = magazine which is published each week.

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