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Weigh, Weight and Weighting

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Weigh : verb :

(a) to measure how heavy something is

• He weighed the packet at the post office.

(b) to have a certain weight

• The packet weighs twenty-five grams.

Weighbridge : noun : platform for weighing a lorry and its load

Weighing Machine : noun : machine which measures how heavy a thing or a person is

Weight : noun : measurement of how heavy something is

• To sell fruit by weight = the price is per pound or per kilo of the fruit

False Weight = weight on a shop scales which is wrong and so cheats customer

Gross Weight = weight of both the container and its contents

Net Weight = weight of goods after deducting the packing material and container

To give short weight = to give less than you should

Inspector of weights and measures = government official who inspects goods sold in shops to see if the quantities and weights are correct

Weighted : adjective : weighted average = average which is calculated taking several factors into account, giving some more value than others

Weighted Index = index where some important items are given more value than less important ones

Weighting : noun : additional salary or wages paid to compensate for living in an expensive part of the country

• Salary plus a London weighting

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