What is the difference between Call and Cull?

What is the difference between Call and Cull? :

Call : (verb)

1 ) Say loudly to attract someone’s attention



I thought I heard someone calling.

She called her father for help.

2 ) Order or ask someone / something to come to a specified place by shouting, telephoning, writing, etc…summon

Call the fire brigade.

Call the children. It is time for tea.

The doctor has been called to an urgent case.

3 ) Make a short visit

She called at our house last night.

4 ) Stop at a place

The train on platform 4 is for Kolkata calling at Allahabad and Patna.

5 ) Telephone someone

I shall call you again later.

6 ) Announce

Order something to take place

We shall call a meeting to be held on Tuesday – The 4th of August 2012 at 4.30 P.M.

7 ) Wake someone

Please call me at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

8 ) Describe or address someone / something as

How dare you call me fat?

Her name is Mamta. But we call her Madha.

He has not got anything published and he calls himself a writer.

9 ) Regard as

Consider something / someone to be

I call your behavior mean and selfish.

Call : (noun)

1 ) Shout, cry

She came at my call.

2 ) Short visit

I paid a call on her last evening.

He has five calls to make this afternoon.

3 ) Act of telephoning

Conversation on the telephone

Were there any calls for me while I was out?

4 ) Invitation, order, signal, etc…to come or to meet

I am waiting for a call to The Prime Minister’s Office.

5 ) Request or demand for something

The President made a call for national unity.

6 ) Need or occasion for something

There was no call for such rudeness.

7 ) Demand on someone / something

He is a busy man with many calls on his time.

Cull : (verb)

1 ) Select or obtain something from various different sources

This information has been culled from various reference books.

2 ) Kill a certain number of weaker animals in a herd in order to reduce its size

Deer are culled by hunters.

3 ) Reduce the herd in this way

The herd must be culled.

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