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What is the difference between Calm and Come?

What is the difference between Calm and Come? :

Calm : (adjective)

1 ) Untroubled, quiet, not excited and nervous or agitated

You should keep calm in an emergency.

The city is calm again after yesterday’s riots.

2 ) Not windy

It is a clean, calm and cloudless day.

3 ) Still

Without large waves

The sea is calm at the moment.

Come : (verb)

1 ) Move to, towards, into, etc… a place

She came into the room and shut the doors.

He has come all the way from Srinager to look for a job.

2 ) Arrive at a place

What time will you be coming?

Have any letters come for me?

3 ) Move in order to be with someone or be present at an event

Would you like to come to dinner next Friday?

Are you coming to my party?

4 ) Travel a specified distance

We have come forty miles since lunch.

One company has come a long way in the last five years.

5 ) Move in the way specified

She came hurrying to see me as soon as she heard I was ill.

The children came running to meet us.

6 ) Occupy a particular position in space or time


Triveni came first in the examination.

Diwali comes early this year.

Her death came as a terrible shock to us.

His resignation came as a surprise.

7 ) Be available

This dress comes in four sizes.

Do these shoes come in black?

New cars do not come cheap.

8 ) Behave like or play the part of something

She tried to come the innocent with me.

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