What is the difference between Causal and Causal?

What is the difference between Causal and Causal? :

Casual : (Adjective)

1 ) Happening by chance

I had a casual friendship with her.

He had a casual meeting with me.

2 ) Made or done without much care or though off hand

Your casual remark offended her.

3 ) Irresponsible


Showing little concern

Her attitude to her job is rather casual.

4 ) Not serious

Not methodical or thorough

I had a casual glance at the newspaper.

5 ) Not formal

For informal occasions

These clothes are for casual wear.

She wears casual clothes in bright colors.

6 ) Not permanent



He earns his living by causal labor.

Are you a casual journalist?

7 ) Slight


I have a casual acquaintance with that young lady.

Causal : (adjective)

1 ) Relating to cause and effect

There is a causal connection between hard-work and success.

2 ) In grammar, expressing or indicating a cause

Because is a causal conjunction.

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