What is the difference between Cell and Sell?

What is the difference between Cell and Sell? :

Cell : (noun)

1 ) Very small room

The prisoner was locked in a cell.

2 ) Compartment in a honeycomb

3 ) Device for producing an electric current by chemical action

My torch battery is made up of three cells.

4 ) Microscopic unit of living matter, containing a nucleaus

Human tissues are made up of cells.

Do you know anything about cancer cells?

5 ) Small group of people forming a centre of political activities

There is a Leftists cell within the Congress organization.

Sell : (verb)

1 ) Give goods, etc…to someone who becomes their owner after paying money for the goods

Will you sell your car?

2 ) Have a stock of something for sale

That shop sells fruits, vegetables, etc…

Do you sell stamps?

3 ) Be sold

Find buyers

Will such a long novel sell?

The badges sell at 50 paisa each.

This shop sells a wide variety of goods.

4 ) Deceive


I have been sold.

Sell : (noun)

1 ) Disappointment


It is a real sell. The food seems cheap but you pay extra for vegetables.

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