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What is the difference between Coach and Couch?

What is the difference between Coach and Couch? :

Coach : (noun)

1 ) Bus for carrying passengers over long distances

They traveled by a coach to Allahabad.

2 ) Large four-wheeled carriage pulled by horse and used for carrying passengers

Children are fond of traveling by a coach.

3 ) Teacher who gives private lessons to prepare students for examinations

I need a coach for my youngest son.

4 ) Person who trains sportsmen

Who is your tennis coach?

Coach : (verb)

1 ) Teach or train someone for an examination or sporting contests

He coached the swimmer for the Olympics.

She coaches me in English.

You have talent but you still need coaching.

2 ) Work or act as a coach

He will be coaching all summer.

Couch : (noun)

1 ) Long bedlike seat for sitting or lying on


There is a lovely couch in her drawing room.

Couch : (verb)

1 ) Express a though, an idea, etc…in words

His letter was couched in insolent terms.

I sent her a carefully couched reply.

2 ) (Of animals) lie flat, either in hiding or ready to jump forward

A deer couched on a grassy bank.

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