What is the difference between Coarse and Course?

What is the difference between Coarse and Course? :

Coarse : (adjective)

( 1 ) Not fine

Consisting of large particles

Do you need coarse sand?

( 2 ) Rough or loose in texture

These are bags made from coarse linen.

( 3 ) (Of food) of low quality


Poor people eat coarse grain.

( 4 ) Vulgar

Not refined

Nobody likes your coarse manners.

Course : (noun)

( 1 ) Forward movement in time

In the course of my long life, I have known many changes.

I did not sleep once during the entire course of the journey.

( 2 ) Direction or route followed by a ship, river or an aircraft

The plane was on course.

The course of the argument suddenly changed.

( 3 ) Way of acting or proceeding

The wisest course would be to ignore it.

The government’s present course will only lead to disaster.

( 4 ) (Education) series of treatments, lectures, etc…

He took an elementary course in Mathematics.

( 5 ) (Medical) Series of treatments, pills, etc…

The doctor prescribed a course of injections.

( 6 ) Any of the separate parts of a meal

The dinner consisted of six courses.

The main course was a vegetable stew.

Course : (verb)

( 1 ) Move or flow freely

The blood coursed through his veins.

Tears coursed down her rosy cheeks.

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