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What is the difference between Coat and Quote?

What is the difference between Coat and Quote? :

Coat : (noun)

1 ) Long outer garment with sleeves fastened at the front with buttons

It is a waterproof coat.

2 ) Woman’s jacket worn with a skirt

She is wearing a tweet coat and skirt.

3 ) Layer of paints or some other substances put on a surface at one time

Give the table a second coat of paint.

Quote : (verb)

1 ) Repeat in speech or writing words previously said or written by another person

He is always quoting verses from Gitanjali.

I think he is going to resign. But please do not quote me.

2 ) Mention someone / something in support of a statement

Can you quote an example of what you mean?

3 ) Name an amount as a price of something

The shares are currently being quoted at fifty rupees a share.

This is the best price I can quote you.

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