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What is the difference between Command and Commend?

What is the difference between Command and Commend? :

Command : (noun)

1 ) Order

Tell someone that he must do something

The officer commanded the soldiers to fire.

2 ) Have at one’s disposal

Be able to do something

He commands great wealth.

A government minister commands the services of many officials.

Our house commands a very fine view.

3 ) Deserve and get something

Great men command our respect.

The plight of the famine victims commands everyone’s sympathy.

Command : (noun)

1 ) Order

Her commands were quickly observed.

Give your command in a loud, confident voice.

2 ) Control


He took command of a regiment.

He has fifty soldiers under his command.

Who is in command of this department?

3 ) Ability to use or control something


He has a good command of the English Language.

She has enormous funds at her command.

Do you have command over yourself?

Commend : (verb)

1 ) Speak favorably to or of someone / something

Praise someone / something

I highly commended her teaching.

They commended the chef on the excellent meal.

2 ) Recommend someone / something

That is an excellent advice. I commend it to you.

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