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What is the difference between Con and Cone?

What is the difference between Con and Cone? :

Con : (noun)

1 ) Instance of cheating someone

Confidence trick

The whole thing was a big con.

This so-called bargain is just a con.

CON : (verb)

1 ) Swindle or persuade someone after gaining his trust

You can not con me. You are not really ill.

I was conned into buying a useless car.

Cone : (Noun)

1 ) Solid body that narrows to a point from a circular flat base

A church stuple is cone shaped.

2 ) Something of this shaped whether solid or hollow as a warning sign for the road-workers, etc…

3 ) Fruit of certain evergreen trees

A pine cone is the fruit of a pine tree.

CONE : (verb)

1 ) Mark or separate something with cones

They coned off a section of motorway during repairs

Cone off parking spaces that must not be used.

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