What is the difference between Gird and Guard?

What is the difference between Gird and Guard? :

Gird : (verb)

1 ) Surround something

Trees girded the lake.

2 ) Clothe someone

He girded himself with amour for the battle.

Guard :

1 ) A person especially a soldier or policeman who watches over a person or place to prevent escape or danger

There are security guards at the airport.

2 ) A group of people especially soldiers whose duty is to guard someone / something

The prisoner was brought in under armed guards.

3 ) A state of watchful readiness to protect or defend

There are soldiers on guard at the gate.

4 ) An apparatus which covers and protects

Football players often wear shin guards.

5 ) A position of being ready to defend oneself from a danger

Be on your guard against pickpockets.

Guard : (verb)

1 ) To watch over to protect from danger

The dog guarded the house.

2 ) To keep under control

You must guard your tongue carefully.

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