What is the difference between Keep and Kip?

What is the difference between Keep and Kip? :

Keep : (verb)

1 ) Remain or stay

He has the ability to keep calm in an emergency.

Please keep quite. I am trying to get some work done.

The notice said, “Keep off the grass."

2 ) Do something repeatedly or frequently

Keep talking amongst yourselves. I shall be back in a minute.

Keep going until you reach a large roundabout.

3 ) Delay or detain someone

You are an hour late. What kept you?

4 ) Retain

You can keep that book I lent you. I do not want it back.

Here is a ten-rupee note. You can keep that change.

5 ) Own and manage

His father kept a grocer’s shop for a number of years.

6 ) Not reveal

Can you keep a secret?

Keep : (noun)

1 ) Cost of providing food and other necessities of life

It is the time you got a job and started paying for your keep.

Do you earn your keep?

Kip : (noun)

1 ) Sleep

Did you have a kip last night?

Kip : (verb)

1 ) Lie down to sleep

Could I kip here tonight?

Kip down on the floor?

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