What is the difference between Knit and Neat?

What is the difference between Knit and Neat? :

Knit : (verb)

1 ) Make a garment by forming yarn into connecting loops

Do you know how to knit?

She knitted me a sweater.

She often knits while reading.

2 ) Unite firmly or closely

The broken bones have knitted well.

The two groups are knitted together by common interests.

Neat : (adjective)

1 ) Tidy, done carefully, arranged in an orderly way

His clothes are neat.

He is a neat worker.

They are driving the car in a neat manner.

2 ) Simple and elegant

She wears a neat dress.

The school is managed in a neat condition.

3 ) Having a pleasing appearance or shape

She has a neat figure.

4 ) Efficient, skillful, economical with time and effort

What is the neat way of doing the job?

He gave a neat summary of the financial situation.

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