What is the difference between Object and Abject?

What is the difference between Object and Abject? :

Object : (noun)

1 ) Purpose – intention – thing aimed at

What is your object in life? His one object in life is to earn a

s much money as possible.

2 ) Person or thing to which something is done or some feelings or thoughts are directed

This building is the main object of his interest.

Her indomitable courage is an object of great admiration.

He is an object of pity.

3 ) Solid thing that can been seen and tracked

Where are the plastic objects?

Object : (verb)

1 ) To protest – say that one is not in favor of somebody / something

He objects to the plan on the ground that it is too expensive.

I object to being treated like this.

2 ) To give something as a reason for opposing someone / something

I objected that she was too young for this job which demands quite traveling.

Abject : (adjective)

1 ) Hopeless – wretched

They are living in abject poverty.

2 ) Despicable – contemptible – lacking all pride

He is an abject devil.

You are an abject coward.

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