What is the difference between Odd or Add?

What is the difference between Odd or Add? :

Odd : (adjective)

1 ) Strange, unusual, peculiar

She gets odder as she gets older.

He wears rather odd clothes.

2 ) Extra, surplus, left over

He made a cushion out of odd bits of materials.

3 ) A little, more than

This hall has five-hundred odd seats.

It will cost two thousand odd rupees.

4 ) Occasional, not regular and fixed

You should weed the garden at odd times.

Do you have odd minutes to help me with this?

Add : (verb)

1 ) Put something together with something else so as to increase the size, number, amount, etc…

Many words have been added to this edition of this dictionary.

This was an added disappointment.

This trip adds to my expenses.

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