What is the difference between Opposite and Apposite?

What is the difference between Opposite and Apposite? :

Opposite : (adjective)

( 1 ) Facing, having a position on the other side of someone / something

You will find the word on the opposite page.

Anita and Sunita sat at opposite ends of the table.

( 2 ) Facing a specified person or thing

Smoke in coming out of the opposite house.

( 3 ) Contrary, entirely different

He turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Opposite : (preposition)

( 1 ) On the other side of a specified area from someone / something

I sat opposite to her during the meal.

The bank is opposite the post office.

Put the wardrobe in the corner opposite the door.

( 2 ) (Of actors) taking part in a play, film, etc as the partner of someone

She had always dreamed of appearing opposite Hemadri Dutta.

Opposite : (noun)

( 1 ) Word or thing that is as different as possible from something

Hot and cold are opposites.

Light is the opposite of heavy.

Apposite :

( 1 ) (Of a remark) very appropriate for a purpose or an occasion

He made an apposite comment on our proposal.

I found her speech wholly apposite to the current political situation in the country.

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