What is the difference between
Pan and Pen?

What is the difference between Pan and Pen? :

Pan : (noun)

1 ) Wide flat container used for cooking food

This is a frying pan.

2 ) Amount contained in a pan

Give me a pan of hot tea.

Pen : (noun)

1 ) Instrument for writing with ink consisting of a pointed piece of split metal, a metal ball, etc…fixed into a metal or plastic holder

This is my favorite fountain pen.

2 ) Small piece of land surrounded by a fence especially for keeping cattle, sheep, poultry, etc…

This is a cattle pen.

3 ) Bomb-proof shelter for submarines

Pen : (verb)

1 ) Write a letter

She penned a few words of thanks.

I shall pen you a letter next week.

2 ) Shut someone / something in or as if in a pen

Pen up the chickens for the night.

She feels penned in by her life as housewife.

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