What is the difference between Patter and Potter?

What is the difference between Patter and Potter? :

Patter : (noun)

1 ) Rapid and often glib speech used by a comedian, conjuror or salesman

You have to learn to resist the sale patter.

He gave the usual patter about water-tight boxes.

The conjuror kept up a steady patter.

Patter : (verb)

1 ) Say or repeat (prayers) in a rapid mechanical way

2 ) Talk quickly or glibly

Will you please stop pattering?

3 ) Make sound of quick light taps or steps

Ram was pattering on the window panes.

Dead leaves pattered against the walls.

I heard her feet pattering about upstairs.

Patter : (noun)

1 ) Sound of quick light steps or taps

We hears a patter of rain on the road.

Did you hear the patter of footsteps on the corridor?

Potter : (verb)

1 ) Work or move in a leisurely or aimless way

I love to potter in the garden.

Potter : (Noun)

1 ) Person who makes earthenware pots by hand

Is he a potter?

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