What is the difference between Peep and Pip?

What is the difference between Peep and Pip? :

Peep : (verb)

1 ) Look quickly and slyly or cautioners at something

Do not peep at the secret documents.

He was caught peeping through the keyhole.

2 ) Appear through a narrow opening

Daylight was peeping through the curtains.

3 ) Appear slowly or partly

The moon peeped out from behind the clouds.

4 ) Make a peep

Peep : (noun)

1 ) Short and quick look especially a secret or sly one

He had a peep through the window.

She took a peep at the baby asleep in her cot.

2 ) Short weak sound made by mice, young birds, etc…


We hear a peep sound from this box.

Pip : (noun)

1 ) Short high pitched sound used a time-signal on the radio or telephone


At the second pip, the time will be 8.45 exactly.

Wait until you hear the pips and then put more money.

2 ) Seed especially of a lemon, a grape, a pear, an orange or an apple

3 ) Feeling of annoyance or bad temper

She gives me the pip.

His dirty jokes gave everyone the pip.

4 ) Any of the spots on playing cards, dice and dominoes

5 ) Star on the shoulders of the army officers

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