What is the difference between Poise and Pose?

What is the difference between Poise and Pose? :

Poise : (verb)

1 ) Graceful and balanced control of bodily position or movement

She received me with incredible poise for one so young.

He was moving with the assured poise of a ballet dancer.

She talks with a good poise of the body.

2 ) Quite dignified self-confidence and self-control

I can safely assert that she is a woman of great poise.

Poise : (verb)

1 ) Be or keep something balanced or suspended

He poised the javelin in his hand before throwing it.

The eagle poised in mid-air ready to swoop on prey.

Pose : (verb)

1 ) Sir or stand in a particular position in order to be painted, drawn or photographed

He had to pose wearing a laurel wreath.

The artist asked her to pose for him.

2 ) Behave in an unnatural or affected way in order to impress people

Stop posing and tell me what you really think.

3 ) Claim or pretend to be someone / something

She poses as an expert on old coins.

The detective posed as a mourner at the victim’s funeral.

4 ) Cause something to arise

Create or present

Winter poses particular difficulties for the elderly.

Heavy traffic poses a problem in many an old town.

Pose : (noun)

1 ) Position in which a person poses or it’s posed

She adopted an elegant pose.

2 ) Unnatural or affected way of behaving, intended to impress people

His concern for the poor is only a pose.

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