What is the difference between Private and Privet?

What is the difference between Private and Privet? :

Private : (adjective)

1 ) Personal

Of belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group only

This is my own private chair which no one else is allowed to use.

Those fields are private property.

  • ( 2 ) Secret

    Not to be revealed to others

    I am not going to tell you about it. It is private.

    That is my private opinion.

  • ( 3 ) Not liking to share thoughts and feelings with others

    He is rather private person.

  • ( 4 ) With only a small number of participants

    I would like a private chat with you.

  • ( 5 ) Quiet and free from intruders

    Let us find some private spot where we can discuss the matter.

  • ( 6 ) Undisturbed by others

    Alone together

    Let us go upstairs where we can be a bit more private.

  • ( 7 ) Having no official position or job

    He is acting as private individual in this matter.

  • ( 8 ) Not connected with one’s own work on official position

    People are fascinated by the private lives of our politicians.

    Privet : (noun)

    1 ) Evergreen bush with small leaves and small white flowers

    That is a privet hedge.

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