What is the difference between Put and Putt?

What is the difference between Put and Putt? :

Put : (verb)

1 ) Move something / someone away from oneself

She put the book on the table.

Did you put sugar in my tea?

She put her arm around my shoulders? Put the baby to bed.

2 ) Fit or fix something to something else

Put a new lock in the front door.

3 ) Thrust something

I put a knife between his ribs.

4 ) Write n mark something on something put your name here.

He put his signature to the document.

5 ) Cause someone / something to be in the specified condition

Your decision puts me in an awkward position.

The incident put him in a bad mood.

The injury to his back will put him out of action for several weeks.

6 ) Rate or classify

I put her in the top-rank of modern writers.

I do not put him among the greatest historians.

As a writer I would put him on a par with Ram.

7 ) Express or state something

He put it very tactfully.

That was very well put.

Putt : (verb)

1 ) (In golf) hit the ball with a light smoke so that it rolls across the ground into or nearer to the hole

You need to practice putting the ball.

Putt : (noun)

1 ) Putting stroke

She took three putts from the edge of the green.

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