What is the difference between Rat and Rate?

What is the difference between Rat and Rate? :

Rat : (noun)

1 ) Rodent that looks like a mouse (but bigger than a mouse)

2 ) Disloyal person especially one who deserts a cause in times of difficulty

He has changed sides. He is a dirty rat.

3 ) Unpleasant or despicable man

People call him a rat.

Rate : (noun)

1 ) Standard or reckoning obtained by expressing the quality or amount of one thing in relation to another

He can walk at the rate of two kilometers an hour.

2 ) Measure of value, charge or cost

Surveys are offered at reasonable rates.

3 ) Speed of movement, change, etc..


At the rate you work, you will never finish.

He drives at a dreadful rate.

Her pulse rate dropped suddenly.

4 ) Tax on land and buildings paid to local governments or authorities

We pay high rate of tax for this business.

Rate : (verb)

1 ) Estimate the worth or value of something / someone

She is highly rated as a novelist.

I do not rate this play at all.

What do you rate his income at?

2 ) Regard something / someone


Do you rate me among your friends?

I rate her among my fast friends.

3 ) Value property in order to assess rates

This house is rated at forty thousand rupees per annum.

4 ) Rank

That task rates low on my priority list.

5 ) Be worthy of something


Your joke did not rate a laugh.

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