What is the difference between Reach and Rich?

What is the difference between Reach and Rich? :

Reach : (verb)

1 ) Stretch out hand in order to touch, grasp or take something

I reached for my gun.

He reached across the table for the jam.

2 ) Extend to something

Be able to stretch up, out, etc…and ouch something

My feet can hardly reach the pedals.

3 ) Communicate with someone especially by telephone

I reached her at home on 66.

I can not reach him by phone.

4 ) Achieve something


We can never reach perfection.

They reached a decision about the matter.

You will know better when you reach my age.

Reach : (noun)

1 ) Extent to which a hand can be stretched out

He is boxer with along reach.

She is beyond my reach as far as her education is considered.

2 ) Having much money or property, wealthy

Are you a rich man?

India is a rich country.

3 ) Valuable or expensive, splendid or luxurious

She was wearing rich clothes.

4 ) Producing or having large supply of something

Oranges are rich in vitamins.

India is rich in minerals.

That play is rich in humor.

5 ) RICH means rich people.

Take from the rich and give to the poor.

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