What is the difference between Review and Revue?

What is the difference between Review and Revue? :

Review : (noun)

1 ) Act of reexamination or reconsideration

The terms of the contracts are subject to review.

2 ) Report or survey past events to subject

Put up the monthly review of progress.

3 ) Published report that assesses the merits and demerits of a book, film, etc…

The book got splendid review.

Review : (verb)

1 ) Reexamine or reconsider something

The government is reviewing the situation.

2 ) Survey

Go over past events on one’s mind

Did you review your successes and failures?

3 ) Write a review for publication

Our book was favorably reviewed.

She reviews for Kolkata Times.

Revue : (noun)

1 ) Theatrical entertainment consisting of a mixture of dialogue, song and dance especially of a topical and satirical nature

She acted in a political revue.

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