What is the difference between Ring and Wring?

What is the difference between Ring and Wring? :

Ring : (noun)

1 ) Small circular band of precious metal worn on the finger

She was wearing a diamond ring.

Where is your engagement ring?

2 ) Combination of people working together especially secretly

What has happened to the spy ring?

They are the ring of dealers controlling prices at an antiques auction.

3 ) Act of ringing a bell, sound of a bell

There was a ring at the door.

4 ) Loud and clear sound

Did you hear the ring of happy voices?

5 ) Tone or feeling of a particular kind

That has a ring of truth about it.

6 ) Telephone call

I shall give you a ring tomorrow.

Ring : (verb)

1 ) Surrounded by something / people

I high fence ringed the prison camp.

They were ringed about with enemies.

2 ) Make a circular mark round something

Ring the correct word with your pencil.

3 ) Make a clear resonant sound

Will you answer telephone if it rings?

The buzzer rang when the meal was ready.

4 ) Cause (a bell) to sound

Ring the fire alarm.

5 ) Produce a certain effect when heard

Her words rang hollow.

His story may seem incredible. But it rang true.

6 ) Make a bell sound to call, warn, etc…someone

Ring for the maid.

Someone is ringing at the door.

7 ) Telephone someone

I shall ring her tonight.

Wring : (verb)

1 ) Twist and squeeze something in order to remove liquid from it

He rang the clothes before putting them in the line to dry.

2 ) Remove from something in this way

Wring the water out of your wet bathing costume.

3 ) Extract or obtain something from someone with effort or difficulty

Wring the water out of your wet bathing costume.

I managed to wring a promise out of her.

4 ) Have a deep effect on someone’s heart or soul

Causing someone to feel great sadness and pity

The plight of the refugees really wrung my heart.

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