What is the difference between Sheet and Shit?

What is the difference between Sheet and Shit? :

Sheet : (noun)

1 ) Large rectangular piece of cotton, linen, etc…usually used in pairs between which a person sleeps

Put clean sheets on the bed.

2 ) Broad thin piece of any material

Give me a sheet of glass.

3 ) Piece of paper for writing or printing on

She gave me a sheet of plain paper.

Put a fresh sheet in the typewriter.

4 ) Wide expanse (of water, ice, snow, etc…)

The rain came down in sheets.

After the heavy frost, the road was a sheet of ice.

5 ) Rope or chain fastened to the lower corner of a sail to hold it and control the angle at which it is set

Do you need a sheet?

Shit : (noun)

1 ) Stupid remarks or writing nonsense

You always talk a load of shit.

2 ) Contemptible person

That little shit stole my money.

3 ) Waste matter from the bowels

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