What is the difference between Stiff and Steep?

What is the difference between Stiff and Steep? :

Stiff : (adjective)

1 ) Not easily bend, folded, moved, changed in shape, etc…

Give me a sheet of stiff cardboard.

2 ) Not liquid

Thick and hard to stir

Stir the flour and milk to a stiff paste.

3 ) Difficult

Hard to do

That was a stiff test.

4 ) Formal in manner, behavior, etc…

Not friendly

Their manner was rather stiff.

Her letter was stiff and formal.

5 ) Severe


Competition was stiff.

The judge imposed a stiff sentence.

Stiff : (adverb)

1 ) To an extreme degree

Very much

They were worried stiff.

The film bored him stiff.

We were sacred stiff of meeting him.

Steep : (adjective)

1 ) Rising or falling sharply

Not gradually

He could not reach the steep roof of the house.

I always avoid a steep path.

2 ) Excessive


Too much

There is likely to be a steep increase in unemployment.

I shall not pay seventy thousand rupees for your old car. It is too steep.

Steep : (verb)

1 ) Soak something thoroughly in liquid in order to soften, clean or flavor

Steep onions in vinegar.

2 ) Pervade or fill something thoroughly with something

Give oneself / someone a thorough knowledge of something

They are steeped in ignorance.

It is a city of steeped in history.

She is an erudite scholar steeped in the literature of ancient India.

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